These 13 Celebrities Bought Their Parents New Houses, And You Should Really See Them

    "Its always been a dream to buy my mother a house...I worked and worked and now I’m here!"

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    1. Rihanna bought her mom a $2 million mansion in Barbados, which she unveiled on an episode of Oprah's Next Chapter in 2012.

    Rihanna and her mom on a red carpet

    You can catch a glimpse of the five-bedroom home below or via this clip from the episode.

    The mansion's pool and outdoor area, living room, and sofas

    2. Nicki Minaj said she knew she'd ~officially~ made it when she was finally able to buy her mom a house.

    Nicki Minaj (R) and mother Carol Maraj attend the 2015 BET Award

    3. Beyoncé bought her mom a 23,562-square-foot, $6 million mansion in Houston, Texas.

    Tina Knowles and Beyonce
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    You can see some highlights of the 8-bedroom, 14-bathroom home — including 4 kitchens, a theater, and a massive pool — on it's Trulia page.

    A streetside view of the Houston mansion

    4. In 2011, Taylor Swift bought her parents a $2.5 million home in Nashville, not too far from Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

    Taylor posing with her parents

    5. Cardi B fulfilled her childhood dream and bought her mom a house back in 2018.

    Cardi B singing

    Lucky for us, Cardi took to Instagram to share her mom's incredible new place.

    6. After Chris Pratt landed his first major role at the age of 23, his first big purchase was a house for his mom, Kathy.

    Chris Pratt, mom Kathy Pratt and brother Cully Pratt

    7. Michael B. Jordan upgraded himself and his parents from the $1.7 million home he bought them in 2015 to a 4,530-square-foot, $5.8 million house in the Hollywood Hills.

    Michael B. Jordan poses with his parents Donna and Michael B. Jordan at the New York premiere of "Fantastic Four" at Williamsburg Cinemas on August 4, 2015

    You can catch a glimpse of the home — and his adorable parents — in his Vogue "73 Questions" interview.

    Michael walking around his home, his mom in the kitchen, and his dad out by the pool grilling

    8. Pete Davidson and his mom bought a $1.3 million, four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Staten Island, New York, in 2016.

    Pete Davidson and his mother during the SNL Mother's Day Message Cold Open on Saturday, May 8, 2021

    You can see some of their home in the background of Pete's "Stuck in the House" SNL sketch:

    Pete sitting on the front steps, standing in front of the kitchen, and sitting on the couch in the living room

    9. In 2013, Justin Bieber bought a $850,000, five-bedroom cabin-style home for his dad and stepsiblings in Ontario, Canada.

    Justin Bieber and his step sister, dad, and mom

    10. For Christmas in 2019, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson bought his mom a new house, ensuring her that she could choose "any home she wants, anywhere she wants."

    The Rock and his mom

    He shared a sweet video to Instagram of him surprising his mom with the good news.

    11. John Boyega surprised his parents with a house and a brand-new Jaguar in 2017.

    John smiling

    In a now-deleted Instagram video, John brought his parents into the house and tricked them into believing they were being interviewed before he revealed the big surprise. You can catch a few good glimpses of the new home below.

    John's parents in the living room, a view of the hall and big glass windows, and the office

    12. For Demi Lovato's 18th birthday, they bought their family a Mediterranean-style house, complete with a pool and waterslide, right outside of LA.

    Actress, singer Demi Lovato (R) and her mother leave her hotel on January 30, 2009 in New York City

    13. And finally, Travis Scott bought his parents a new house for Christmas in 2016, tweeting, "Bought my fam a crib for Christmas. Use to sleep on floors. Now we walk on marble."

    Travis smiling onstage

    He shared a glimpse of the house's stunning pool on his Instagram, saying "[I] gave my family a present [I've] been working on my whole life."

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