26 Celebs Spotted At Taylor Swift's Eras Tour That Definitely Were Not In The Great Ticketmaster Queue War Of 2022

    Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez hanging out at the Eras Tour was not on my 2023 bingo card, TBH.

    Celebs — they're just like us! And by that, I mean they too absolutely love Taylor Swift and are dying to see her perform live on her Eras Tour.

    taylor on stage

    Because I am curious and nosey and love following along with all things Eras Tour, I've been keeping tabs on which celebrities have been spotted in the crowd. So, without further ado, here are the celebs that fans have reported seeing at Taylor's concerts so far:

    1. Emma Stone

    closeup of emma

    Emma was spotted in the VIP tent in "Swift City" (aka Glendale), Arizona, having the time of her life:

    2. Joe Locke

    closeup of joe at a festival

    Joe was spotted in the VIP tent at Taylor's show in Atlanta, Georgia, where one fan shared a video of herself giving him a "You're On Your Own Kid"-inspired friendship bracelet:

    3. Mariska Hargitay

    cloesup of mariska

    Mariska, who was in Taylor's "Bad Blood" music video, shared this video of herself singing along to "The Man" at Taylor's Nashville night two show:

    4. Gigi Hadid

    closeup of gigi

    Taylor's longtime friend Gigi was seen in the VIP tent in Nashville, Tennessee alongside some of Taylor's other besties:

    5. Ethan Hawke

    closeup of ethan

    Ethan Hawke was spotted in the VIP tent chatting with Selena Gomez at one of Taylor's shows in Arlington, Texas:

    6. Reese Witherspoon

    closeup of reese

    Reese, who attended one of Taylor's Nashville shows, shared a video of Taylor performing "Bejeweled" on her Instagram:

    7. Billy Joel

    billy playing piano on stage

    Billy Joel and his family were seen at the Eras Tour during its stop in Tampa, Florida:

    8. Selena Gomez

    closeup of selena

    Taylor's BFF Selena, who was dressed up as Folklore Taylor, attended the tour with her little sister Gracie in Arlington, Texas:

    9. Matty Healy

    matty playing on stage

    Matty, who Taylor is reportedly "seeing," was spotted in the VIP tent during night one in Nashville and was brought on stage to play guitar for opener Phoebe Bridgers during night two. Here he is with Phoebe enjoying "Shake It Off" during Taylor's set:

    10. Maya Hawke

    maya speaking into a mic

    Maya Hawke was spotted by fans during night two in Nashville heading to the VIP tent:

    11. Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus of Boygenius

    the two playing on stage

    Julien and Lucy were brought out as surprise guests to perform a song from Boygenius's new album, "the record" during Phoebe's opening set during night one and two in Nashville. Fans also spotted them hanging with Matty and fellow opener, Gracie Abrams, in the VIP tent during the show:

    12. Ellen Pompeo

    closeup of ellen

    Ellen shared this Instagram story of herself and her daughter at the Eras Tour in Las Vegas:

    13. The Haim sisters

    the three taking a silly photo

    The sisters, who are set to open for Taylor towards the end of her US tour, were spotted in the VIP tent at one of Taylor's Glendale, AZ shows according to this TikTok a fan asked Este to record:


    LOSING MY ENTIRE MIND @hannahmartherus ur the best person i know ily … @haimtheband ILY & i’ll see u all in santa clara!!!! 😏 #haim #taylorswift #theerastour #swifttok

    ♬ Gasoline - HAIM & Taylor Swift

    14. Emma Watson

    closeup of emma

    Emma was spotted at night one of Taylor's shows in Las Vegas:

    15. Laura Dern

    closeup of laura

    Laura, who co-starred in Taylor's "Bejeweled" music video, shared this photo of her family backstage with Taylor on opening night in Glendale:

    16. Cara Delevingne

    closeup of cara

    Taylor's longtime friend and "Bad Blood" costar Cara live-streamed part of Taylor's concert on her Instagram account on opening night:

    17. Samara Weaving

    closeup of samara

    During opening weekend in Glendale, Samara shared videos of Taylor performing on her Instagram story:

    18. Jack Antonoff

    closeup of jack holding an award

    Jack, one of Taylor's frequent collaborators, shared this photo of Taylor while attending one of her shows in Arlington, Texas:

    19. Aaron Desner

    closeup of aaron

    Another one of Taylor's frequent collaborators, Aaron, was spotted at night one in Tampa, Florida in the VIP tent and joined Taylor on stage during the surprise songs for night two and three. He also performed "Would've, Could've, Should've" with her on night three in Nashville:

    taylor and aaron on stage together

    20. Emma Roberts

    closeup of emma

    Emma was spotted in the floor seats during one of Taylor's shows in Las Vegas, being filmed while she danced to "Style:"

    21. Diplo

    closeup of diplo

    Diplo, who has made several negative comments about Taylor Swift's body and music in the past, controversially attended the Eras Tour in Las Vegas:

    22. Marcus Mumford

    marcos lifting his guitar on stage

    Marcus was brought out by Taylor as a special guest in Las Vegas, where they performed "Cowboy Like Me" together as a surprise song:

    the two on stage together

    23. Shania Twain

    shania on stage singing

    Shania congratulated Taylor via her Instagram story after Taylor's show in Las Vegas:

    24. J.J. Watt

    closeup of the football player

    Well-documented Swiftie and football player J.J. Watt shared this video praising Taylor after seeing her show in Glendale, Arizona opening weekend:

    25. Danica Patrick

    closeup of danica

    Race car driver Danica shared this Instagram post from the Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona:

    26. And finally, Candice King

    closeup of candice

    Candice shared photos of herself at night three in Nashville on Instagram, where she waited out the four-hour lightning storm delay to see Taylor perform:

    That's all for right now — I'll keep you posted on any more major celeb sightings as the Eras Tour continues!