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24 Behind-The-Scenes Photos To Remind You That Camila Mendes Is Just As Hilarious As She Is Talented

From behind the scenes of Do Revenge to Riverdale, I'm basically convinced Camila Mendes is the funniest person ever.

1. When she posed for this absolutely majestic BTS shot from the last scene of Do Revenge that has big Drea energy™️:

2. When she made this TikTok about Riverdale while waiting to film Riverdale:

camila winking at the camera

You can watch the TikTok for yourself here:


that’s a wrap on season 6!!

♬ sweetest Pie with wink - blair

3. When she and her Riverdale costar, Madelaine Petsch, wore these *chefs kiss* Velma and Daphne Halloween costumes:

4. And let's not forget when Lili, Madeline, and Camila were the perfect Powerpuff Girls:

5. Then, of course, there's the time she and Lili Reinhart rocked these Napoleon Dynamite-inspired costumes:

6. When she looked stunning alongside her "Armani army", made up of Maude Apatow, Chase Stokes, Sydney Sweeney, and Gavin Leatherwood:

7. This dreamy polaroid of the Do Revenge cast that looks straight out of a classic '90s movie:

8. When she shared this BTS look of her getting ready for Música that is honestly a total vibe:

You can watch her whole BTS TikTok here:


that’s a wrap on música 🇧🇷🎉

♬ Otro Atardecer - Bad Bunny & The Marías

9. When she was all of us bugging our BFFs when we're bored and want attention:

You can watch the TikTok for yourself here:

10. When she took this sweet polaroid shot with Maya and their Do Revenge director and co-writer, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson:

11. And this silly shot of her and Jennifer with a giant Drea balloon:

12. When she filmed this TikTok dance in front of KJ — who was reading his lines — AND got him to join in on the fun:

You can watch the TikTok for yourself here:


brb just getting into character @user5087822279194 #endgame #???

♬ We Not Humping - Remix - Monaleo & Flo Milli

13. When she took this sweet selfie with Lili:

14. When she and her on-screen mom, Marisol Nichols, hung out for some afternoon tea:

15. When her and Lili contributed to this TikTok trend in the best way possible:

You can watch the TikTok for yourself here:

16. When she and her Riverdale costars took this selfie that, TBH, belongs in a museum:

17. I'd like to point out this one from the same photoset, because it's a whoooole mood and I'm kinda living for it:

18. When she and her Do Revenge costar, Maia Reficco, took a break from filming to bless us with this dance:

19. When she and her Riverdale costars, Charles Melton and KJ Apa, shot this picture that screams 2014 Tumblr:

20. When she and her Riverdale besties, Vanessa Morgan and Lili, hung out off-set and took on Coachella together:

21. When she and Talia Ryder were basically models in this Instagram post:

22. When she and Maya Hawke teased the last scene of Do Revenge with this BTS pic:

23. This photo of Lili and Camila goofin' around on set:

24. And finally, this cute group selfie with the Do Revenge cast:

Keep bein' you, Cami!