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24 Facts About The Cast Of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” That'll Make You Do A Double Take

Melissa Fumero's husband, David, appears on an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

1. Melissa Fumero's first professional acting gig was on the soap opera One Life To Live, where she played Adriana.


She discovered she'd booked a four-year contract on the show just four hours after her last exam at NYU.

2. Before Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Melissa also appeared on Gossip Girl as Zoe, one of Blair Waldorf's "minions."

17th Street Productions

3. Chelsea Peretti was a writer on Parks and Recreation for two seasons. She even made a cameo as Zelda in the "Live Ammo" episode.


4. Andy Samberg also made a guest appearance on an episode of Parks and Rec, where he played Head Park Ranger Carl Lorthner.


5. Stephanie Beatriz was born in Neuquen, Argentina, and moved to the US at the age of 3.

6. Chelsea and Andy were childhood friends. Chelsea even admitted to having had a crush on him at one point, saying she'd call his phone again and again and just hang up.

7. Andy, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone have been writing and filming bits for The Lonely Island — their comedy trio — since junior high.

8. One of Melissa's first jobs was teaching ballet to kids in high school.

Twitter: @melissafumero

She was also a babysitter, a Hershey's Park performer, and a receptionist.

9. Both Terry Crews and Joe Lo Truglio are very talented artists. Joe did the animation for the MTV sketch show The State and Terry was a courtroom sketch artist in college.


10. According to Andy, Lorne Michaels said his audition bit about an out of breath '80s jogger was what got him the spot on SNL.


You can watch a short clip of it here.

11. Andy wasn't the only cast member that worked on SNL before joining the Nine-Nine. Chelsea was an intern for the show in college and a guest writer in 2013.

12. Stephanie doesn't wear glasses while filming and contacts hurt her eyes, so when acting she's almost legally blind.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

13. Both Andre Braugher and Stephanie have more of a background in Shakespeare than comedy.

14. Andy first met his wife, Joanna Newsom, backstage at one of her concerts because he was a huge fan.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Their mutual friend, Fred Armisen, introduced them and Andy says he saw "heart bubbles" when she immediately recognized him from the "Just 2 Guyz" Lonely Island video. HEART! BUBBLES! Y'ALL! That's a rom-com meet-cute if I've ever heard one.

15. You might know that Terry Crews is a former NFL player, but you probably didn't know he's also a skilled flute player.


His mother made him play it for around eight years.

16. Joe Lo Trulgio has done voiceovers for quite a few video games like The Warriors, Grand Theft Auto, and Anthem.


17. Joe also made cameos — and sang! — in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 during the riff-off scenes.

Brownstone Productions (II)

18. Stephanie originally auditioned for Amy Santiago. The casting director asked her to come back for that role and the role of Megan, who eventually became Rosa's character.


She got a callback and a screen test for both characters, but ultimately ended up as the Rosa we all know and love.

19. Chelsea, on the other hand, initially auditioned for the role of Megan but was told she didn't seem like a cop, so Gina Linetti evolved from there.


According to Dan Goor, the show's writer and producer, a lot of Gina's character was inspired by things that happened in the Parks and Rec writer's room.

20. For a brief time in 2014, you could have Terry Crews' voice give you driving directions on Waze.


I need them to bring this back, please and thanks.

21. Chelsea and her husband Jordan Peele eloped with only their dog and the officiant — a woman named Soaring — present.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I need you to watch this clip of her explaining it all on Conan because it's most Gina Linetti thing I've ever heard and I'm obsessed.

22. Stephanie made her official directorial debut this year when she directed the "He Said, She Said" episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

23. Melissa met her now-husband David on the set of One Life To Live, but had a major crush on him as a kid when she saw him in Mariah Carey's "Honey" music video.

Melissa actually didn't know that it was David in the video until they'd been dating for two months.

24. And finally, Melissa's husband David appeared on "The Puzzle Master" episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he played Amy's favorite crossword puzzle author Vin Stermley.


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