33 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Straight From The Cast


    If you're anything like me, you're probably already missing the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew after the series finale last week.

    Well, have I got some good news for you! In celebration of their eight long years at the Nine-Nine, the cast and crew shared a bunch of incredible behind-the-scenes pictures I cannot get enough of. Here are 33 of the very best ones:

    1. This cute selfie of the whole Nine-Nine crew:

    2. Andre and Stephanie looking very serious while filming at Shaw's:

    3. This Peraltiago selfie from the "Balancing" episode in Season 8:

    4. Andre taking a much needed nap between takes:

    5. The Nine-Nine's finest ladies on the last day of filming:

    6. This throwback to Melissa's first days on the B99 set:

    7. Melissa, Stephanie, Joe, and Andy taking an adorable squad selfie:

    8. This behind-the-scenes selfie that I CANNOT stop laughing at because ANDRE:

    9. This selfie of Joe and Melissa getting ready for verrrrry different scenes:

    10. Melissa and Stephanie snapping a cute selfie in the briefing room:

    11. This inside look at how Joe was able to carry Terry:

    In honor of tomorrow being the final day of shooting for B99, here’s some fun BTS content: The set up The shot

    Twitter: @JeffTopolski

    12. Melissa and Stephanie behind the scenes of "The Set Up" episode in Season 8:

    Also now I can post this pic of me and @iamstephbeatz on bikes 😆 #Brooklyn99

    Twitter: @melissafumero

    13. And this chaotic Stephanie and Andre selfie from the same episode:

    14. The Nine-Nine gang after their big Late Night interview:

    15. This shot of Dirk and Joel ~really~ embodying Hitchcock and Scully:

    16. Craig and Andy getting ready to cause some trouble on set of the "PB&J" episode:

    17. Stephanie getting ready for yet another Halloween Heist trick:

    18. Melissa sharing a lifelong reminder of playing Amy:

    19. This throwback to the "Ding Dong" episode in Season 7:

    I do feel as if this little visit to Wuntch's grave calls for a throwback of a behind the scenes photo. #Brooklyn99

    Twitter: @AndreBraugher

    20. These best buds hanging out after a long day of filming:

    21. This adorable Sleuth Sisters™️ selfie:

    22. Andre doing some serious research on set:

    Andre holding a book about the Nutriboom scandal

    23. This cute selfie from "The Lake House" episode in Season 8:

    The house was on the Universal backlot. We shot this episode first. And the lot was empty. Everyone nervous about returning back to work during COVID made being just us at that house perfect. #Brooklyn99

    Twitter: @melissafumero

    24. This BTS look at how Charles Boyle gets his signature hair:

    25. These selfies that I'm sure were taken riiiight before Andy found out how to use a green screen:

    26. Joe's very fast tour of the set:

    27. Andy looking extra classy before the final scene of the series:

    28. Chelsea sharing the super-sweet wrap gift that Stephanie got the cast (and her master plan to one-up it):

    29. Joe and Andy having some realllll Charles and Jake energy off camera:

    30. Chelsea and Joe absolutely rocking this silver robe look:

    31. Stephanie and Joel on the set of "The Lake House" episode in Season 8:

    32. Terry right before he Kool-Aid man'd himself through that wall in the finale:

    33. ...and finally, a video of him doing it, for good measure:

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