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    19 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Made Us Believe In Love Again

    Name a more iconic couple. I'll wait.

    1. When their "how we met" story was straight out of a rom-com:

    2. When they left hilarious comments on each other's Instagram, like this one:

    3. And on Twitter, too:

    @VancityReynolds Oh darling, of all the secrets I’m keeping from you, this should be the LEAST of your concerns... trust me.

    4. When Ryan proved he was the king of sarcasm by teasing Blake about how much he loves his Hollywood Walk of Fame star:

    5. When Blake took on the Met Gala with a gorgeous custom-made clutch adorned with a special shoutout to her family:

    6. When Ryan flew halfway across to world to be with Blake and the kids for just one day:

    7. When Blake and Ryan adorably freaked out about hearing their daughter's voice in Taylor Swift's song "Gorgeous":

    8. When Blake trolled Ryan for his birthday with a focus on her favorite Ryan — Ryan Gosling:

    9. When Ryan decided to get her back with a collection of her ~worst~ pictures — which, because she's literally Blake Lively, are still stunning:

    10. When Ryan baked Blake this adorable heart cake that's honestly pretty impressive:

    11. When Blake asked for a coloring book at dinner with Ryan's family so they could all play tic-tac-toe:

    12. When Ryan set the record straight on their relationship once and for all:

    @YahooEnt We’re never splitting. She’ll always be my mom. No matter how much jazz-cabbage she smokes with her rollerblading friends.

    13. When the duo used their first picture with their newborn baby as an opportunity to encourage people to vote:

    I love B.C. 🇨🇦 I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in. On Oct. 21, the candidate you vote for will SHAPE CLIMATE POLICY. I’m proud of the climate progress made the last 4 years. Click for voting info. #Capilano

    14. When Blake explained the secret to their successful marriage:

    15. When Blake proved she was the queen of birthday surprises by gifting Ryan a painting of him at his first-ever job as a paperboy:

    16. When Ryan proved that he's a pretty great gift giver, too, by making Blake a video with all the most important people in her life:

    17. When Ryan tried to ~spice things up~ in the delivery room by playing "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye while Blake was in labor:

    18. And finally, when Blake teased Ryan about his cookie decorating, uh, "skills":

    Like they’ve never said, like never, ever... @VancityReynolds is the next @MarthaStewart