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    Adele Sang Her Biggest Hits As A Bachelor Contestant In This "SNL" Sketch, And Now I Need To See Her In A Broadway Musical

    Oh, the money I'd pay to see Adele sing her way through a full season of The Bachelor.

    Last night, Adele hosted Saturday Night Live for the very first time.

    Adele doing her monologue on "SNL"

    From a monologue addressing some ~burning questions~ to breaking character during a controversial sketch, it was quite the episode.

    Even though she wasn't the musical guest, many fans hoped to hear Adele sing during the show in some way or another. Lucky for us, Adele appeared in a Bachelor sketch where she sang snippets of not one, not two, but FOUR of her greatest hits.


    Adele played herself in the sketch, in which she was a contestant on the latest season of The Bachelor.


    Adele had a bit of a tendency to break out into song when things didn't quite go her way, like when she started singing "Someone Like You" because she didn't get the first rose.


    Honestly, a valid response.

    Our girl made a whooooole lot of progress in just a fraction of an episode, it seems.

    Bachelor Ben saying  he has the least common with Adele but that she's making their relationship move the fastest

    She broke into song again during a conversation with Ben, this time singing part of "When We Were Young."

    Adele saying Ben looks amazing, then singing he "looks like a movie, sounds like a song"

    Oh, to be serenaded by Adele.

    When another girl started talking to Ben, Adele turned everything around her sepia tone and sang her hit song "Hello" in perfect dramatic fashion.


    We got an extra-special ~remix~ of it, too, when she spied on their conversation from inside a bush.

    Adele singing "Hello from inside this buuuuuush."

    When is she dropping this on Spotify, though 👀?

    And finally, she went full "Rolling in the Deep" when another girl asked to talk to Ben.

    A girl asking to talk to Ben, Adele breaking a glass, and singing the beginning of "Rollling in the Deep"

    This is giving me big ~Adele: the Musical~ vibes, and now I need that to exist.

    Unfortunately, Adele didn't make it past the first night in the Bachelor mansion, but she did make our lives infinitely better by walking out into the audience and singing "Someone Like You."


    You can watch the absolute icon herself sing below:

    View this video on YouTube

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