17 Adele Moments To Remind You That She's Hilarious, Wildly Talented, And Just Generally The Best Ever

    My personal favorite internet beef is Peppa Pig vs. Adele.

    Last week, Adele kicked ~Sad Girl Autumn~ up a notch and released her highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30.

    Of course, it's an incredible, heartfelt album that I personally cannot stop listening to. So in celebration of the absolute icon that she is, let's take a look back at 17 of Adele's very best moments:

    1. When she was identifying classic British dishes while blindfolded and got understandably excited:

    Adele touching her food and saying she doesn't usually feel it up, gasping that it's a fry up, and screaming because she felt British bacon

    2. When she shared the special thing she always carries with her in her bag — Heinz ketchup packets:

    Her explaining that she hates the vinegar-y brand and that she always carried Heinz with her, like she thinks Beyoncé carries hot sauce

    You can catch her interview — and watch her try to identify a bunch of British dishes — here:

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    British Vogue / Via youtube.com

    3. When she answered this pressing question on her Instagram Live:

    Her saying she is not going to collab with Peppa Pig

    You can watch the clip from her Instagram Live here:

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    Instagram / @adele / Via youtube.com

    4. When she was an absolute trooper on The Ellen Show, where Ellen was telling her what to do/say in this Jamba Juice:

    Ellen telling her to chop some wheatgrass off and chew on it, and Adele saying it's pretty good and she feels like a deer in a forrest

    You can watch the whole clip here:

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    NBC / Via youtube.com

    5. When she spoke about how her year eight English teacher — Miss McDonald — inspired her...and then Miss McDonald surprised her onstage:

    Adele talking about how she got her into literature and how cool she was. Adele seeing her in the crowd and crying, then them hugging

    6. ...and then when she made Alan Carr come up and sing "Make You Feel My Love" so she could get her makeup fixed.

    A make up artist touching up her face, her calling Alan to talk, and handing him the mic, telling her band to play "make you feel my love"

    I highly recommend you watch the whole heartwarming clip for yourself below, or read about it here.

    We all have that one teacher who changed our life… such a beautiful reunion! ❤️ *PS, would totally buy Alan Carr’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love* 🤣 @Adele #AnAudienceWithAdele https://t.co/2ZZI2RS0mI

    Twitter: @ITV

    7. When she shut down this interviewer who suggested Ed Sheeran's album might be competition:

    Interviewer telling her Ed also has an album coming and not to panic because it's not the same day, Adele laughing and saying he should panic, and then saying she loves his work

    You can watch the full interview here:

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    Heart / Via youtube.com

    8. When she was asked about her prized possession and brought out this gem:

    A Framed paper with Celine Dion's gum on it from James Corden from Carpool Karaoke because she is a huge fan

    9. When she was having the time of her life during an interview with this voice-changing app (and STILL sounded amazing):

    Her singing Hello, changing the voice to Alvin and the Chipmunks, and looking delighted

    10. When she explained how she broke her Grammy for Beyoncé:

    Her explaining it was easy because she was nervous trying to give the speech and how it twisted off, feeling like fate

    You can watch her "73 Questions" interview with Vogue below:

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    Vogue / Via youtube.com

    11. When she had the perfect explanation for why she's not personally on Twitter:

    Adele saying she doesn't have access to it because she might say something stupid, and that the interviewer will learn during their conversation that she'll say something stupid.

    You can watch the interview for yourself below:

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    SVT/NRK/Skavlan / Via youtube.com

    12. When she explained why she's not making "TikTok" music:

    Adele saying she's not making music for 14 year olds, but her generation and her peers

    Watch the full interview here:

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    Apple Music / Via youtube.com

    13. When she was an absolute icon and went undercover in a group of Adele impersonators:

    Her saying Adele is taking her time with the new album and that she would say that to her face, and that she's been impersonating Adele for 4 years and joking that it's been slow because there isn't much demand

    You can watch the whole thing for yourself here:

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    BBC America / Via youtube.com

    14. When she was the biggest Ted Lasso fan and started fangirling back and forth with Hannah Waddingham during An Audience With Adele:

    Hanna complimenting Adele, Adele congratulating her and telling her Ted Lasso is her favorite show, and Hannah thanking her

    15. When she was hilariously honest about her son's musical abilities:

    Ellen asking if he's musical, Her saying a little but that he's not phenomenal

    You can catch her on Ellen here:

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    NBC / Via youtube.com

    16. When she was the chillest celebrity on "Carpool Karaoke":

    Adele's tea spilling, her telling James she is alright, then chugging it and telling the story of the last time she was drunk

    17. And finally, when she surprised us all by effortlessly rapping "Monster":

    You can hear it for yourself — and watch her whole "Carpool Karaoke" episode — here:

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    CBS / Via youtube.com

    We have no choice but to stan! 🤷🏻‍♀️