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Vogue Magazine Profiles Rand Paul And His "Dad Jeans"

The magazine asks the senator about GOP demographics, the Constitution, and Twitter feuds with fellow politicians — then asks Paul's wife Kelley about his "notorious" sense of style.

Washington Post writer Jason Horowitz profiles Rand Paul for Vogue's October issue.

Jonathan Becker for Vogue / Via

The piece doesn't shy away from the big issues.

Paul discusses his rapid rise through the GOP ranks, the scrutiny he faces from his political rivals — and the possibility of a 2016 presidential campaign.

Most importantly, however, there's mention of his apparently infamous sense of style. "Dad jeans" and "brown fisherman sandals" are touted specifically, descriptors likely to strike more into the heart of Vogue's audience more than any of the political fearmongering present.

Another quote: "'I try,' Kelley says later when I ask her about the senator’s notorious sartorial taste."

You can see her despairing over Rand's striped socks in this very photo, in fact.
Jonathan Becker for Vogue / Via

You can see her despairing over Rand's striped socks in this very photo, in fact.

Interestingly, the profile opens with mention of Paul's recent filibuster marathon.

It's a similar start to the profile of Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis that appeared in the magazine last month. That profile, however, featured 10 designer-laden descriptions of Davis' dress sense: "She loves to put on something nice, dresses by Chloé and Victoria Beckham, and Miu Miu heels or Louboutins," for example.

Couldn't the magazine have framed those fisherman sandals in the same way?

Read the rest of Horowitz's profile over at

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