Tobey Maguire Is A Huge Creep In “Zoo” Magazine

Now he’ll never not creep you out.

1. Dutch fashion magazine Zoo’s summer issue stars Tobey Maguire.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

Shot by photographer/singer-songwriter extraordinaire Bryan Adams. Yeah, the “Summer of ‘69” guy is a hip fashion photog now.

2. It was shot at Los Angeles’ Wonderland-like Frederick R. Weisman art foundation.

Bran Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

3. Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

4. Which led to the actor posing ominously with naked headless statue people.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

5. And being that touchy-feely guy at the bar with a lady who would really rather not, because she hasn’t felt that way since before the fall of Pompeii.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

6. It’s hard to tell who, if anyone, is real in some of the photos.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

But not difficult to tell who is terrifying. (Everyone.)

7. Even Tobes seems perplexed.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

8. But continues to get all up on someone whose consent level is ambiguous.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

The pained expression says this embrace is unwelcome, though.

9. By the end of the day Tobey has grown tired of rejection from people who aren’t even real.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

Also tired: this naked lady on his couch. Where did she come from all of a sudden!?

10. Proving that even the most eccentric of art collectors can never truly own their art.

Bryan Adams/Zoo Magazine / Via

Or something.

11. We reached out to Zoo magazine to ask just what it’s all about. Modern art, you know, it’s tough to read sometimes. Editor Yaël Temminck explained:

“The idea behind the Tobey Maguire shoot was to shoot him as an eccentric art dealer in an eccentric house filled with lots of amazing art. Thanks [to] the Frederick R. Weisman art foundation that we could use this location which worked out really well! The sculptures at the foundation really inspired us for the entire shoot! The combination of these extraordinary artworks, the amazing location and the use of suits and clean styling, the idea turned out really well…”

12. So, that explains that.

For more of this and other zany Zoo magazine shoots, visit their website.

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