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    Don't You Miss Lindsay Lohan's Leggings Line?

    6126 may have left sales floors — but never left our hearts.

    In 2008 Lindsay Launched 6126, her line of "designer" leggings.

    The line was named after Lindsay's idol, Marilyn Monroe.

    Sub-lines of the brand paid homage to that thing Lindsay just can't escape: fame.

    These jeggings with leather pockets were called "Political."

    But 6126 didn't confine itself to leggings when it first launched. The line also featured "ankle gloves."

    6126 sold at high-end department stores for the same price as designer jeans.

    The ads typically starred Lindsay.

    In 2010, the brand eventually expanded into non-leggings clothing and accessories.

    Since there was now so much stuff to model, Lindsay's sister Ali was brought in to help with the modeling.

    Ali wasn't big on eye contact.

    Or hands.

    But she was sort of capable of emoting sometimes!

    But even Ali's hard work wasn't enough to save 6126.

    Lindsay is currently suing her 6126 business partner for $1 million!

    That's right — Lindsay plans to return 6126 to its former glory.

    Until then, a sobering reminder of how hard the mighty can fall remains on

    But we will wait patiently for 6126's comeback, because no one else can do justice to "the glamour of once upon a time."

    So to anyone considering a new fashion/beauty venture with la Lohan, let's get to it.