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    The 18 Most Horrifying Pairs Of Shoes Ever Made

    You won't make it through this post without wincing.

    1. Chopines


    Worn by upper-class Venetian women starting in the 15th century.

    2. The "Mojito" Shoe


    Developed by London-based architect Julian Hakes.

    3. MyShell256 Modular Shoes


    Created by designer Sharon Golan, these convertible shoes comprise four parts held together by silicon bands.


    These pieces can be assembled into 256 different "pairs" of shoes.

    4. Heavy Metal Shoes

    5. Alexander McQueen's "Armadillo" Heels


    From his famous spring 2010 show โ€” the last before the designer committed suicide. Some models refused to walk the show because the heels were so scary.

    6. And these, from the same spring 2010 show.

    WireImage / Getty Images

    7. Also by McQueen โ€” available now!


    For the bargain basement price of $2,877, on sale from $6,395. Available at Neiman Marcus.

    8. Ballet Pointe Heels


    Originally a type of fetish footwear popular with BDSM.


    Beyonce wore them in her "Green Light" music video.


    In 2011 Christian Louboutin designed a pair to be auctioned off for benefit of the English National Ballet.

    9. Acne "Gemini" Shoes

    10. Japanese Oiran Shoes


    Like the geisha, the oiran was a Japanese prostitute of sorts circa 1600 to the late 1800s.

    11. Iris Schieferstein's Taxidermy Shoes


    This pair is entitled "Angel's Heaven."


    This one is called "Cow Girl."

    12. The "Melonia" Shoe


    This shoe is a collaboration between industrial designer Souzan Youssouf and fashion designer Naim Josefi.

    13. Kabkabs


    Worn by wealthy women in the early 1900s during the Ottoman Empire to protect their feet from heated bathhouse floors.

    14. Shoeless Heels


    15. Reverse Heels

    16. Ultra High Pitch Shoes

    17. "Stripper" Heels


    Props to the working women that not only successfully stand upright in these but manage to pull off impressive pole-dancing moves while doing so.

    18. Every shoe Daphne Guinness has ever worn.

    David M. Benett/Contributor / Getty Images
    Dave M. Benett/Contributor / Getty Images
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    Needless to say, she favors McQueen.