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    Jennifer Lawrence Wore Some Really Huge Pants In Paris

    Really huge. Like you could smuggle a turkey under them, if you were bringing illegally hunted game back into District 12.

    Jennifer Lawrence attended the Dior Haute Couture Fall 2013 show in Paris, wearing what looked like a crumpled crop top straight out of her carry-on suitcase and a sporty midi-skirt.

    But wait! A second glance reveals the skirt is actually pants. Giant, billowing pants.

    It's a look from Dior's Resort 2014 runway collection. (It looked deceptively skirt-like there too).

    As J. Law sat herself down front row, she endured a brief moment of crisis.

    Cheer up, Jennifer! This weird fashion statement actually makes you even more likable. You can't go wrong, really.