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How Good (Or Bad) Will The Costumes Be In The "Diana" Movie?

How do the movie looks stack up to the originals? A side-by-side comparison.

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The trailer for Princess Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts, appropriately titled Diana has been released. Rejoice! The movie doesn't hit (UK) theaters until September 20th and the US release date is to be determined, but the just-released trailer does provide the opportunity to gawk over Diana's various outfits — and to assess their relative historical accuracy.


Classic outerwear.

Rating: 2.5

I know the movie-version Diana is wearing a trench and IRL Diana is in a pea coat, but Princess Di definitely would have worn some shoulder pads up in that trench.

Baggy beige sweaters.

Rating: 3.5

The look from the trailer is a little too much like a pajama advertisement from Kohl's. IRL Diana's sweaters looked a little less plush and more worn-in. (Even though, let's be honest, it probably cost a good £600.)

Coordinating pastel separates.

Rating: 3

While the suit from the trailer is entirely appropriate, the actual Diana outfit is so much more fun! Colorful polka dots and heart-shaped statement earrings?! This is basically the Royal equivalent of a Betsy Johnson look. Also, props to Naomi Watts for perfectly mimicking Diana's demure hand-wringing.


Busy swimwear.

Rating: 3.5

The patterns are both collaged and a little chaotic but the real life animal print one is even more so. Also the cut is quintessential '90s and the trailer suit is a little too reinvented-retro for the time period.

Royal blue power suiting.

Rating: 4.5

This look is nearly spot-on except the movie fit is just a little too current. The real life blazer has that nice '90s bagginess to it that even royalty couldn't resist.

Watch the trailer and see the looks for yourself.

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Or if you're in high anticipation and cannot fathom waiting another month for your British Royals fix. You know, since Royal Baby is so over.

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