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    19 GIFs From The Met Gala Red Carpet

    Look out for Anna, punky SJP, and more safety pins than you can count. Also, watch the red-carpet livestream in full over at

    1. Katie Holmes stifles a quick yawn pre-interview.

    2. Grace Coddington expects the real deal.

    3. Anna Wintour explains herself.

    4. Just to clarify, Andre Leon Talley is referring to this.

    5. Lauren Santo Domingo fans her insulating sleeves.

    6. The Fanning sisters are just like any teen girls.

    7. As rebellious as ever, that kooky Cara Delevingne.

    8. And look, Karlie Kloss has black hair now. (For one night only.)

    9. Miley Cyrus drew inspiration from The Addams Family.

    10. Donatella discusses her taste in music.

    11. Vivienne Westwood was a little biased on the exhibit.

    12. Yes, that's a floral floor-length turtleneck gown with built-in gloves on Kim Kardashian.

    13. SJP does not disappoint.

    14. Marc Jacobs' interpretation of punk was polka dots and a pilgrim collar.

    15. Kate Bosworth's dress made her feel like Xena.

    16. Kristen Stewart yearned to be provoked!

    17. Jennifer Lawrence was predictably dressed and relatable.

    18. Katy Perry crowned herself queen of the Met Ball.

    19. Lena Dunham really got into the punk spirit!