Fashion Designers Usually Better Off Not Accusing Each Other Of Stealing Designs

Vena Cava accuses Alice + Olivia of ripping them off. But there really are no new ideas.

Vena Cava, an indie label that was on the brink of going under in 2011, took to Instagram to accuse Alice + Olivia of copying one of their prints. Alice + Olivia is a much bigger label with a lot more capital that sells its goods in more than 800 locations across 50 countries. It might seem easy to go after a big label — except the accusation seems fairly unfounded.

The post is captioned: “@aliceandolivia_ Please stop being ‘inspired’ by our prints from last season. Get a library card.”

Vena Cava’s dress is on the left; a close-up of the Alice & Olivia one is on the right. Via

Here’s a better look at that Vena Cava dress from last season.


And the Alice + Olivia “Blair” dress. Which features a yellow floral print on a dress of a completely different silhouette.

The prints confirm that in fact, all yellow daffodils look pretty much the same. Via

One clever commenter pointed out that Vena Cava co-founder Lisa Maycock posed for Elle in a 2009 editorial in yet another floral dress, which she called “vintage.”


Here’s a shot of that dress, which actually looks more similar to Vena Cava than the Alice + Olivia piece.

See the full story here. Via

But really, everyone “borrows” inspiration in the fashion industry. That’s how the design process works.

There simply are no new ideas.

So, maybe every label should “get a library card.”

If anyone still knows where the library is these days, that is. Via

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