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    38 DIY Gifts People Actually Want

    Basically the opposites of fruit cake.

    Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed / Via

    1. A heart-printed blanket will keep loved ones warm.

    And frenemies fooled. Directions here.

    2. Homemade beeswax candles are a pretty, natural alternative to the store-bought variety.

    Directions here.

    3. These geometric vases are eye-catching and look much more expensive than they are.

    Plus, think of all the things you can do with all that leftover sheet metal! Directions here.

    4. A striped tablet case can double as a colorful clutch.

    Or snack purse. Directions here.

    5. These simple wooden bowls are made more special with bright painted shapes.

    Also good snack receptacles. Directions here.

    6. And this ring dish is the perfect alternative to buying someone actual jewelry.

    Directions here.

    7. Coordinating dishes make a lovely cake stand.

    And encourages the receiver to make and serve you a dessert. Directions here.

    8. A possibly unnecessary but totally cool gift -- a dinosaur iPhone tripod.

    Bet you didn't know you wanted one of these until now. Directions here.

    9. Oh, and how about a tentacle neck pillow? For the traveler who has everything.

    Directions here.

    10. A simple pair of gloves gets an embellished upgrade for maximum gift-worthiness.

    Directions here.

    11. Want to do stocking stuffers a little differently this year? Try a surprise ball.

    No, no. Not THAT kind of surprise ball. Directions here.

    12. Get in touch with your inner lyricist with wall art using lyrics from favorite songs. / Via

    A few lines from "The Whisper Song," perhaps. Directions here,

    13. Monogram a journal to add a personalized touch.

    Directions here.

    14. A paint-by-numbers pillow will earn you cred with your artsy fartsy friends.

    Even if you ARE the artsy fartsy friend. Directions here.

    15. Copper-rimmed shot glasses are a great way to get someone drunk. Drunk with panache! / Via

    Directions here.

    16. Fabric framed serving trays offer a beautiful, rustic backdrop perfect for setting TV dinners.

    Even your poor friends deserve to feel fancy. Directions here.

    17. And this doily votive is the prettiest, most fragile thing you could possibly give someone. / Via

    Besides maybe your virginity. Directions here.

    18. A reading light gets literal with this book lamp.

    19. A canvas print of an Instagram can really make someone's day. / Via

    As long as it's not another picture of your brunch. Directions here.

    20. Sharpie mugs are a classic DIY. Give someone this timeless treasure to behold. / Via

    Directions here.

    21. Socks = lame gift. Sock monkey = the best gift.

    22. Or if monkeys aren't your thing, these felted owls are an adorable alternative.

    Directions here.

    23. Give these comic book coasters to the nerd in your life.

    Get it? Because comics are for geeks and nerds! Directions here.

    24. And these twig votive holders to the nature lover* you know.

    *Girl who likes to look at pictures of trees but thinks lady bugs are "disgusting." Directions here.

    25. If you really went minimal in terms of thoughtfulness, disguise your disregard with a distracting gift card globe.

    26. This bow pouch is an easy-to-sew project that would make someone a pretty and useful gift. / Via

    And would make a totally innocuous place to hide your weed stash. Directions here.

    27. These vintage phone bookends are a total conversation piece.

    You know, like a CONVERSATION you have on the PHONE?!?! Directions here.

    28. Utilize those leftover candy canes from seasons past in a sugary, pepperminty body scrub. / Via

    Directions here.

    29. And a "spa in a jar" is essentially a perfect relaxation kit.

    All that's missing is a glass of wine. Directions here.

    30. Or sew a microwavable eye mask for instant calm. / Via

    Directions here.

    31. And bath bombs are always a nice treat. / Via

    Directions here.

    32. Make your own hot chocolate mix for an easy, tasty gift. / Via

    But please, for the love of God, don't forget the marshmallows. Recipe here.

    33. Or go all-out with a s'mores kit. / Via

    Again, do NOT forget the marshmallows! Directions here.

    34. An anchor charm adds a nautical touch to a standard friendship bracelet.

    Directions here.

    35. This amulet necklace is totally simple but makes a real statement.

    Directions here.

    36. Artfully decorated phone cases are a perfect present for the person that's always dropping their phone.

    So, anyone. Directions here

    37. Fraying the ends of a cozy fabric creates a totally legit scarf.

    All without knitting a single thing! Directions here.

    38. And for the person you already spoil year-round -- organic cat treats.

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