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    9 Ways Salespeople Talk You Into Spending Money On Things You Don't Need

    Anonymous retail sales associates in New York City reveal the tricks they use to get into your wallet. Shoppers beware.

    1. Michael Kors

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    "Ask lifestyle questions. If they live in a certain neighborhood, they might have certain tastes — asking price points and trying to give them more for their money like a cheaper bag plus a wallet instead of a more expensive bag. If they are wondering about other options, make sure to know the competition. Tell them J.Crew only has this, and Kate Spade doesn't have this... That kind of thing. Always add things on, like bag cleaner. If your goal is $1,000 and someone has $900, then that bag cleaner is going to put you over the goal."

    2. Armani Exchange

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    "Relate to the customer. If it's raining, talk about that. If they're drinking something, talk about that. If something looks bad, it's hard to lie and say that it doesn't, so just be honest."

    3. Aveda

    Bloomberg / Getty Images

    "We learned a lot about body language in training, how it's really important. We try and determine stress level of the individual, suggest products that fit their lifestyle needs. One thing we always say for a certain product is, 'It's circulation in a bottle.'"

    4. DKNY


    "[I use] Honesty. Figuring out the person's body type, what might look best on them. Really telling the truth, because if I let someone out of the door looking like a dum-dum and they get home and realize they look like shit, then I'll be eating the return. Using little lines to make them feel [welcome], like, 'This fitting room is bigger than my apartment!' Once I told a customer that maybe the color wasn't right for her and the customer said, 'Oh no, it is.'"

    5. Tumi


    "Something I always say is, 'It's an investment.'"

    6. L'Occitane

    ANTONY DICKSON/Staff / Getty Images

    "We want to provide a little Provence getaway here in the city. This isn't NYC, it's the south of France! We're all about consultation and relaxation, providing tea and hand massages. Not about selling but consulting. Creating an atmosphere is really important."

    7. Club Monaco

    Lisa Lake/Stringer / Getty Images

    "Men shop for functionality, so there's no real way to sell to them other than to be there for assistance. They can smell bullshit from a mile away, unlike women, where you can just tell them they look cute in something and they'll buy it."

    8. Sephora

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    "Compliment them before asking what they're looking for; it helps build a relationship. Point out complementary items or products. Point out that the eyeshadow brings out the lipstick, the lipstick brings out the blush, that kind of thing."

    9. Madewell

    Earl Gibson III/Stringer / Getty Images

    "If they're on the fence, encourage them to take it home and try it on with their wardrobe, and if they change their mind, they can return in 30 days — in hopes that they will get lazy and not return. For denim, always stress it's about the fit, not the size — it's how something looks on you, not the number. If something is really good on them, make sure to reassure them and say, 'No, really, it looks awesome!'"