32 Adorably Tiny Pairs Of Stud Earrings You Need Right Now

Bigger isn’t always better. Unless we’re talking about slices of cake.

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1. Tiny studs are amazing.


Look how cute! Catbird, $75

2. They’re the perfect combination of subtle and adorable.


3. We should all be trading in our dangling statement earrings for a pair of demure studs like these.


Lindsey Adelman at The Future Perfect, $60

4. Or these ones made with rough black diamonds.

Steven Alan / Via

Gabriele Artigas at Steven Alan, $180

5. These ones are colorful but would go with anything since they’re teeny.

Anthropologie / Via

Anthropologie, $28

6. And just because something is small doesn’t mean it can’t be eye-catching.

Erica Weiner / Via

Erica Weiner, $25

7. Or a little edgy.


House of Harlow 1960 at Shopbop, $30

8. Or precious. Like these baby freshwater pearls.


La Garçonne, $190

9. They’re also a great medium for wearing fun shapes, like crescent moons.


Catbird, $44

10. And full moons.

Madewell / Via

OK maybe these are just circles. Madewell, $24

11. Or cats.

Always cats. Catbird, $32

12. And little dice, for good luck.


Verameat, $48

13. Or skulls if you’re feeling particularly punk.*

Bing Bang / Via

*Maybe the least punk thing, but whatevs. Bing Bang, $42

14. Or :)’s if you’re passionate about emoticons.

Bing Bang / Via

Bing Bang, $48

15. And little birds.


Gorjana at Shopbop, $34

16. And stars reminiscent of your first pair from Claire’s years ago.


Gorjana at Shopbop, $44 for the set

17. There’s an embellished fish duo.

Owl Monkeys / Via

Owl Monkeys, $7

18. And their remains.


Grim. Laonato at Etsy, $15

19. Barbed wire for when you’re feeling particularly badass.


Tom Binns at Shopbop, $45

20. And axes to pay homage to slasher films.


Or to non-verbally warn people to leave you alone. Momocreatura at Boticca, $70

21. There are little paper airplanes to fly around your ears.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Urban Outfitters, $10

22. And inclement weather-themed studs that are less threatening than they are cute.


Erica Weiner, Gold $20, Blue $25

23. See?

Urban Outfitters / Via

Urban Outfitters, $8

24. Oh, and flowers for after the rain’s all gone.


Marc by Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs, left $48, right $42

25. Some come in sets, like these iridescent ones.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Urban Outfitters, $16 for the set

26. And these, that are mismatched for an extra statement.

Asos / Via

And are vaguely George Michael-y. Asos, $8 for the set

27. And these, which cover all your aesthetic bases.

Farfetch / Via

And are essentially alternative Lucky Charms shapes. Me & Zena at Farfetch, $28 for the set

28. And not all are made exclusively out of metal. These are pretty in plastic.


Wanderlust at Need Supply Co., $75

29. And these in acrylic. (Fancy plastic.)

Farfetch / Via

Lucy Peacock at Farfetch, $37

30. Here’s a kitschy deal.

Owl Monkeys / Via

Owl Monkeys, $5

31. And a spotted splurge.

Opening Ceremony / Via

Because those are the best kind of splurges. Hillier at Opening Ceremony, $405

32. And finally, possibly the tiniest earrings of all time.


Measuring 1mm in diameter. Grace Lee at Steven Alan, $115

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