25 Fall Jackets That Will Make You Wish It Were Already Cold

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but fall is fast approaching. Drown your sorrows in material things. Like jackets.

Classic denim.

Makes you feel cool but in a adolescent kind of way — like one of The Outsiders.

1. Try this dip-dyed version if you can’t decide between light or medium wash.


Nastygal, $40

2. Or this minimalist jacket in a color that’s not quite black, not quite gray.


Blay? Grack? Uniqlo, $40

3. This pale blue wash is pretty and vintagey. Also: elbow patches.


Gap, $70

4. And if you’re not into blue, this faded red wash is almost the color of creamy tomato soup.


Which is a good thing! Lacoste, $99

5. And fleece lining will up the Americana factor by like, 10 points minimum.


Rag & Bone/JEAN at Saks Fifth Avenue, $363

Luxe leather.

Can be badass and edgy but also not, which is good if you’re uncomfortable with rebellion, like me.

6. This drapey jacket is an updated alternative to the moto and would work really well as a “going out” jacket.


Warehouse at Asos, $93

7. The white would probably get dirty pretty quickly, but at least you’d look great while ruining it!


And that’s all that counts. American Eagle, $100

8. This is a classic fit but in faux leather. For cost effectiveness and the environment.


Zara, $119

9. Another quintessential leather jacket but with quilted details.


River Island at Asos, $169

10. And this one is perfect if you love the color orange enough to not get sick of it.


Unlike me. W118 by Walter Baker at The Outnet, $225

Comfy anoraks.

So sporty and utilitarian, you’ll feel like an L.L. Bean catalog model.

11. This one is in a bright red that only can be described as “festive.”


12. And this has a hidden patterned lining. So whenever you feel boring you can unzip to reveal visual excitement.


If only there were a jacket like this but for personalities. Buffalo by David Bitton at Nordstrom, $65

13. For some reason hot pink and fluorescent yellow are the official “sporty girl” colors.


But I’m not complaining. Sam Edelman at Nordstrom, $77

14. Here’s one that’s like an anorak/military jacket hybrid and boasts wonderful plaid cuffs.


Minkpink at Revolve, $123

15. And this one is almost too nice to wear outdoors.


Proceed with caution. Candela at Saks Fifth Avenue, $181

Polished blazers.

With every fashion-related mention of blazers, there’s a requisite mention of the word “schoolboy.” This one is no different.

16. This one is perfect if you love the look of television static.


Which I do. Club L at Asos, $42

17. And this is basically what you imagine Emma Watson wears to class at Brown.


18. This is special because it’s a denim jacket AND a blazer. Maybe it should get a category of its own.


Levi’s, $98

19. This one I recommend be worn with everything you own even if you think it doesn’t coordinate perfectly.


Topshop, $130

20. And the slouchy fit of this one is perfect for that “I’m not trying, I just naturally look this stylish” look.


Stylestalker at Shopbop, $198

Bomber jackets.

Sounds threatening but they’re actually very tame and easy to wear.

21. This one is like a wearable Impressionist painting.


22. And this one is essentially a letterman jacket that you aren’t embarrassed to wear after high school.


23. If Homer Simpson designed clothing, this would be his best seller.


“MMMMM… polyester.” Topshop, $116

24. This hot pink jacket is ideal for brightening up a dreary fall day and blinding passersby in the process.


Juicy Couture at Stylebop, $162

25. And this one is like a really glamorous depiction of the moon landing if the surface of the moon was covered in sequins.


If only. Diane von Furstenberg The Outnet, $250

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