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23 Ice Cream-Themed Items You Need In Your Wardrobe

The end of summer is nigh. But your love of ice cream knows no season.

Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed

1. A basic waffle cone graphic tee is an essential part of any ice cream lover's wardrobe.

Wilfox Couture at Revolve, $64

2. There's also a similar tank with a passionate declaration of love.

Delia's, $20

3. And this sequined embellished one is a glitzier option.

4. Multi-flavored cones also make a spectacular choice in prints.

Debenham's, $16


YesStyle, $25

6. But if you want to take your tee to the next level, I suggest this kitschy multi-cone print top.

Romwe, $33

7. And don't just stick to tops for ice cream inspiration!

Not For Ponies at Spoiled Brat, $32

8. There's also a huge market for cone jewelry, which can be as personal and breathtaking as a Tiffany engagement ring.

Ted Baker at , $32


Vanessa Arizaga at Opening Ceremony, $95

10. Cone studs are a subtle way to show your love.

Lee Renee ar Bottica, $93

11. And pendant necklaces help keep your favorite treat close to your heart at all times.

VeraMeat, $88


N2 at Aha Life, $39


Ted Baker, $40

14. And if you're one of those people who prefers popsicles, I've got you covered.

We can't be friends though. Both N2 at Forzieri. Left, $36. Right, at $30.

15. These shoes are probably pretty supportive to sprints to the ice cream truck.

Or, let's be honest, strolls to the freezer aisle. Vans at Office, $84

16. And it seems counterintuitive to wrap yourself in ice cream if you're chilly but if it looks like this, it's a great idea.

Temp Des Reves at Barneys, $295

17. Everyone's favorite beach treat? You guessed it!$ja=tsid:34094%7Cprd:Hy3bqNL2jtQ&cmpid=aff_ls_us

Left $14, Right $12

18. And how are there not more ice cream print socks?! This is tragic.

NastyGal, $4

19. These phone cases are cool because it always looks like you're carrying an ice cream sandwich.

Jack Spade at Saks Fifth Avenue, $40

20. And it's somehow not melting or being devoured.

21. And this coin purse is the accessory you've been looking for.

Kate Spade, $46

22. Has your love of ice cream gotten so out of hand that you sometimes want to BE ice cream? Yes. These are for you.

Neff at Perpetual Kid, $15

Neff at Perpetual Kid, $15

23. And I think that no matter your favorite flavor, we can all agree that these shoes are amazing.

Melissa Glam + Karl Lagerfeld at FarFetch, $175

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