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    22 Reasons To Worship Joan Rivers

    Joan is turning 80 — and she's never been funnier or more amazing.

    1. Yes, she's had work done. No, she doesn't care what you think about it.

    2. She wore this outfit once.

    3. And this outfit.

    4. She only acts alongside the best of them.

    5. She knows the truth about Bert and Ernie.

    6. She was clearly the inspiration for Lucille Bluth.

    7. She tells the truth about "inner beauty."

    8. The 2010 documentary about her was amazing.

    9. She's charitable.

    10. She gives props to fashion disasters.

    11. She's the definition of outspoken.

    12. She jokes about herself all the time.

    13. And doesn't care about offending people.

    14. Her advice is heartfelt, but most importantly: honest.

    15. Joan just always tells it like it is.

    16. She's also an author.

    17. She breaks things down in terms we can understand.

    18. And is just plain wise.

    19. Her workouts involves serious shopping trips.

    20. And not much else.

    21. Though she does take care of herself.

    22. She's simultaneously classy and crass.

    Happy Birthday Joan! May your day be as fabulous as you are.