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22 Reasons Paris Hilton Was The Turn-Of-The-Century's Most Important Fashion Icon

You know you miss her early 2000s ways.

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6. She and Nicki boarded the ironic dressing bandwagon before all of us.

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Ironically wearing the same thing at the same time is SO something Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora would do now for attention.

7. Paris is the rare soul with the balls to wear Jeremy Scott head to toe.

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N.B.: She was also basically the first person in history to go out in the wedge sneakers that have become about as ubiquitous as oxygen.

18. She wore Tinkerbell to a party for her Pulitzer-worthy book.

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Spoiler alert: this seminal work of literature didn't win a Pulitzer but her sweater is winning all its own.

19. Even her dog wore hipster dresses before anyone had any desire to live in Greenpoint.

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Meanwhile Paris, ever the trailblazer, boldly mixed pearls with chandelier earrings.

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