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19 Ads That Show The Evolution Of Men's Underwear Modeling

Apparently underwear brands are "taking the focus off the crotch shots." NOOOOO.

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The New York Times reports that men's underwear brands are trying to make their ads more approachable.

"We describe it this way," said [2(x)ist designer Jason] Scarlatti, a winsome, precisely scruffy designer who also works part-time as a comedian. "We are going for something a little more statuesque, and a little less steroid-y."

Mr. LaForce interjected, "We are giving the models an identity, so they are not just a piece of meat."

"We are taking the focus off the crotch shots," adds Vic Drabicky, a consultant for the brand.


19. So if you prefer unrelatable ads for boxer briefs (and why wouldn't you?) don't fret too much about the latest trends, because DSquared2 announced its forthcoming underwear line with this pic:


Which is about as relatable as a dude wearing a leather eyepatches as an everyday accessory. YAY!