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    16 Times Lady Gaga Looked Completely Normal

    Because she can't always look like she got lost on the way to Cirque du Soleil rehearsals.

    Aside from those occasions she rolled around in gaudy wheelchairs, Lady Gaga has largely avoided the fashion spotlight since her injury-prompted sabbatical. And to be fair, a break from disco wigs and foot-high heels made out of broccoli is for the best.

    What this means, though, is that the odd batch of paparazzi photos featuring Gaga looking less than crazy get treated as though she were wearing vegetable footwear after all. Is that a pointy carrot or a stiletto heel? Who knows?! Case in point, recent photos of Gaga:

    1. Here she is at a good friend's wedding.

    And, though it may seem hard to believe, there are other photos of Gaga dressed "normal" out there. Strap yourself in, because it's a journey into a whole other DIMENSION...of sensible clothes.

    2. Of course before there was Gaga there was Stefani Germanotta, a performing arts student with big dreams and shiny lip gloss.

    3. This one time she wore Abercrombie.

    4. And this lovely pink tank/prairie skirt combination.

    5. Nobody wants to be the person calling Gaga out for wearing a Juicy Couture sweatsuit...but this could well be pink velour.


    6. Her senior picture/headshot is the epitome of semi-professional mall portraiture.

    7. Why a headshot? For that burgeoning acting career, of course. Here's a Gaga cameo in The Sopranos.

    8. And let's not forget the time she was on MTV's candid camera show Boiling Points in 2005.

    9. Nowadays, Gaga keeps her not-insane attire for trips to the beach.

    10. And there's nothing unusual about wearing a bandeau top and a sarong.

    11. And black high heels notwithstanding, this sort of psuedo-modest look suggests Gaga arrived in Cancun and picked up the wrong suitcase at baggage claim.

    12. Workout attire: also not outlandish.

    13. Gaga also often tweets "empowering" makeup-free selfies.

    14. And this introspective MySpace picture.

    15. Duckface, because there's nothing more normal.

    16. And lastly, here she is channeling '80s Bruce Springsteen meets girl interviewing for a position at the new American Apparel store in your suburban strip mall.