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    11 Pictures Of Tiny Dogs Wearing Couture

    Doggie couture is a thing and it's spectacular.

    1. This is pet couturier Anthony Rubio. He makes one-of-a-kind creations for only the luckiest pets.

    2. Like this fabulous headpiece seemingly swarming with butterflies.

    3. This sequined jacket and rhinestone-studded hat ensemble.

    4. Which apparently also comes in plaid.

    5. This lovely gown with a dramatic train.

    6. This lacy, ladylike gown.

    7. And this dazzling fuchsia dream.

    8. There's an intricately embroidered jacket.

    9. Which coordinates well with a matching hat (and friend).

    10. But what really makes a statement (you know, aside from just one dog in a sequin top hat) is TWO dogs in sequin top hats.

    11. And finally, this amazing rhinestone-encrusted, feather-detailed, zebra-striped masterpiece.

    For more of Anthony Rubio's pet fashions, go here.