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    14 Gangstas Of Art History

    If you look closely at old paintings, all sorts of crazy stuff emerges. Symbolic hand gestures? Nah, these dudes were totally just representin'.

    1. This dawg who's reppin' the west side.

    2. This homie who's embracing the thug life:

    3. This shorty who's peacin' out:

    4. This saint who's smoking a giant blunt:

    5. This lady worshipping the west side:

    6. This killa:

    7. This baby mama teaching her infant the gangsta ways:

    8. This fresh, fly girl:

    9. This west coast baller:

    10. This child throwin' up mad signs:

    11. This morose gentleman flashin' the same:

    12. This slammin' thug gal:

    13. This wistful west-sider:

    14. And the most badass painting subject of all:

    (Gangstas of Art History is now a Tumblr!)