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    25 Reasons Why Moving Totally Sucks

    Never. Moving. AGAIN.

    1. The apartment search. Why is everyone on Craigslist looking for a submissive female roommate?

    2. The apartments that look great in the ads...

    ...But look like THIS when you get there:

    3. The real estate agents you work with all have convincing ads like this:

    4. Or credentials like this:

    5. You have to remember to cancel all of your utilities, and to start all of your new ones.

    6. You assume packing will be easy, so you lounge around and put it off until the last minute.

    7. You think you don't have much stuff, but you're TOTALLY WRONG. You have SO. MUCH. SHIT.

    8. There are NEVER ENOUGH BOXES.

    9. You will inevitably uncover old photos and meaningful objects.

    10. ...Before you know it, you've wasted 5 hours emotionally reminiscing.

    11. You have no idea how the fuck to disassemble any of your furniture.

    12. Nothing ever fits through the door.

    13. Each trip to the dumpster is painful.

    14. DIRE MOVING INJURIES are bound to happen.

    15. Some of your friends are eager to help you move...

    16. But they're not the most careful people.

    17. ...Nor the most efficient.

    18. When you're finally done moving everything out, you have to CLEAN.

    19. You're annoyed that it was dirtier than this when you moved in.

    20. At your new place, nothing fits, AGAIN.

    21. Half of your stuff broke on the drive over.

    22. Suddenly NOTHING in your new place is working.

    23. You have to replace and buy ALL THE THINGS.

    24. Instead of your old security deposit, you receive THIS:

    25. You experience renter's remorse and feel terribly sorry for yourself.

    At least you're not homeless (yet).