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Mulled Wine Is The Most Soul-Warmingly Delicious Drink Ever

This stuff is FINE. A winter necessity.

Mmmm, mulled wine.

Sweet, warm red wine.

Steaming with seduction.

Brewed with spices, fruits, and nuts.

The perfect winter beverage.

Just pour a bottle of your favorite red wine into a saucepan...

Throw in some spices and add-ins, then simmer for 10-20 minutes! That's it!

Simple recipe at Zoom Yummy.

Customize however you like.

Recipe for Citrus Spiced Mulled Wine at Dirty Gourmet.

You can make it with cranberries.

Or sweet, juicy oranges.

Try adding some bay leaves and lime.

It will be crazy delicious regardless of what you throw in.

Whatever you choose to enjoy it with.

Whomever you decide to sip it with.

Simply paradise.

In Scandinavia, it's called glögg.

Glögg is usually filled with just almonds and raisins, and often involves brandy in addition to wine. Pictured above with Danish pancakes.

You can even buy it pre-packaged.

But it probably tastes better homemade.

Or served fresh by cool dudes at your local Christmas market.

Mark Renders / Getty Images

If you're averse to beverages, try a mulled wine lollipop!

Available on Etsy.

Mulled wine poached pears are another option.

Gordon Ramsay's recipe at Channel 4.

But who are you kidding? Nothing will beat the actual drink.

So cozy, so comfortable.


Go make it. NOW.

Recipe at Kitchen Confidante.

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