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    Magical Holiday Decorations From Around The World

    December RULES. Everywhere!

    It's the most wondrous and magical time of year!

    Basically the entire world is stunning right now.

    Zurich, Switzerland is lovely.

    Baltimore is INSANE:

    Here's charming Copenhagen, with its emblematic Danish red hearts:

    Even the neon swan lights look refined.

    Victoria, British Columbia panorama!

    Here's a GIANT TEDDY BEAR in Hong Kong:

    New York is perfect as usual.

    São Paulo looks totally confusing and awesome:

    Salt Lake City and its beautiful beauty:

    Chester, England's lovely monochrome lights:

    Frankfurt, Germany:

    Summer festivities in Perth, Australia:

    Winderemere, FL:


    More London:

    London is seriously awesome you guys.

    They even have a Jack Daniels barrel tree!

    They are making everyone else look bad now.

    London is seriously KILLING IT.

    Eye spasming Rizal, Philippines

    Hamburg's dainty holiday square:

    Sunny South Africa!

    Washington DC:

    This tunnel of lights in Tokyo is way too trippy.

    Orchard Road, Singapore has this cute arch thing:

    Stockholm with its perfect minimalism:

    Arkansas is baffling.

    Disney World!

    Holidays on the sea in Japan:

    Graceful Budapest:

    And Champs-Élysées in Paris, amazing year after year.