James Franco’s 17 Weirdest Creative Projects From 2012

Get this man a MoMA retrospective!

2k12 was a wildly fruitful and artistic year for James Franco!

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No need to applaud YET, guys. Let’s hear about his successes first!

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1. His comedy psycho-thriller, “Francophrenia,” premiered in Rotterdam!

2. He sold his fictionalized memoir, “Actors Anonymous,” to Amazon!

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The literary opus will be about his experiences as an actor and grad student.

3. He signed on to play Robert Mapplethorpe, known for his boundary-pushing (and dildo-featuring) photography.

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4. He designed polaroid t-shirts for “Seven for all Mankind.”

5. He started the pre-production of his “homo-sex-art-film!”

It’s a collaboration with filmmaker Travis Mathews entitled James Franco’s Cruising.

6. He curated an art exhibition called “Rebel.”

Jason Redmond / Reuters

It was inspired by Rebel Without a Cause and includes his own work.

7. He made some colorful body art!

James Franco’s WhoSay profile / Via whosay.com

More here!

8. He began his adaptation of Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying.”

Directed by James Franco, starring James Franco.

9. He debuted his Motown-inspired spoken word band, “Daddy.”

10. Smokey Robinson collaborated with him on one of his tracks!

11. He maintained his ever-blossoming friendship with performance artist Marina Abramovic.

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She made a lot of people cry at MoMA back in 2010.

12. He began his new column for Playboy, “Francophile.”

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13. He performed an Aleister Crowley occultist ritual in an art gallery!

It was in collaboration with occult artist and filmmaker Brian Butler. More info here.

14. He directed an R.E.M. video starring Lindsay Lohan.

15. He took some Cindy Sherman-inspired self-portraits!

Basically he re-created the artist’s Untitled Film Stills series starring himself instead of her.

16. He manned a pop-up Christmas shop in London.

The proceeds went to an art gallery, Studio Voltaire, which owns the above James Franco artwork.

17. And Graywolf Press is publishing his debut poetry collection!

Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images

The news was announced just today.

But don’t get too blown away yet, y’all!

Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images

“I’m comin’ at YOU, 2013!”

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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