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A Gallery Of Macaulay Culkin's Art

As we've heard, Macaulay Culkin is now an artist. What do you think his cryptic paintings mean?

Macaulay Culkin's art as part of the 3MB Collective is currently on display in New York. Here are some of his dynamic paintings.

Jerry and Kramer as nude models on the set of Wheel of Fortune:

E.T., Waldo, and The Devil attending a "KoЯn" concert:

A mislabeled painting of Luigi holding a golden goblet:

Mario wandering through a dark, post-expressionist landscape while Jean Michel Basquiat, a sniper, and JonBenet Ramsey roost above:

Kurt Cobain as a hacker:

A bar on fire, its patrons unconcerned:

The Death Star, an upside-down Macaulay Culkin cubist head, and a Steven Tyler doppelganger hang above a barren landscape of broken amusement park rides. The mysteries of the jungle rest in the background:

A sad, broken carousel:

Luigi pitching a fireball, while a disembodied mummy head and an audience of milk observe:

Bazooka Joe and Mario Cantone bathing in the Ark of the Covenant while engaged in virtual battle:

Lowbrow culture infused with high art? Video games and broken carousels? Nostalgia? Milk and goblets of blood? Nirvana and KoRn?

What does all of this MEAN??

Will Mac's new career lead to another fortune?

Either way, he's definitely still suave.

See Macaulay's paintings yourself at Le Poisson Rouge! The show runs until December 15, 2012.

He might even draw you a picture.