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    A Christmas Wish List In The 1920s

    With these gifts, Christmas is going to be the cat's meow!

    Say, it's almost Christmas time!

    Time to draft up a wish list of gifts. Let's get a wiggle on!

    1. American paraphernalia to show some patriotism. Hopefully the Red Scare is over soon.

    2. The latest fashions. Looking spiffy is important!

    3. An electric hair dryer would speed up the trendiest 'dos.!prettyPhoto

    4. An Art Deco cigarette case is a must.

    5. An evening out to a speakeasy. Prohibition is utter nonsense, but at least the bar is a good place to show off new looks.

    6. A personal moonshine still would be absolutely splendid.

    7. If liquor's too hard to come by, then some Coca-Cola will do.

    8. A swell new phonograph, preferably by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

    9. And some records to go with it, of course!

    10. A handy little radio would be the bee's knees.

    11. Chocolate...mmmm.

    12. This one's named after everyone's favorite baseball player!

    13. Ice Skates

    14. A Kodak camera would be perfect to capture the upcoming year.

    15. If the budget's high, a Ford Model T.

    16. A Lionel train set, just like the ones in the storefronts!

    17. Christmas seals, to help fight tuberculosis.

    18. Pens that hold their own ink! Extraordinary.

    19. And a typewriter, to write heartfelt letters to friends and family.

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