36 Pop Cultural Reinventions Of The American Gothic Painting

Probably the most parodied painting on earth.

2. Breaking Badian Gothic 2

4. KISSian Gothic

All that’s missing is the tongue.

5. Canine Gothic

Dogs are pop cultural; trust me on this one.

6. Feline Gothic

Cats are undeniably pop cultural.

8. Domesticated Housepetian Gothic

9. Inflatable Gothic

Pretty sure balloons are pop cultural.

12. Still American Gothic

13. Definitely American Gothic

14. Bourgeois American Gothic

18. Obaman Gothic 2

22. Star Trek: Next Generational Gothic

23. Barbieland Gothic

25. Storm Trooperan Gothic

27. Muppetian Gothic

34. Mexican Muralist Gothic

This is probably an accurate depiction of their marriage.

35. Mexican Muralist Gothic 2

American Gothic (in case you forgot what the original painting looks like)

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