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    32 Etsy Finds For All Your Witchcraft Needs

    Apparently Etsy caters to a large market of witches. Use this as a guide.

    Interested in witchcraft? Etsy has everything you need. Seriously.

    1. Basics first: Magical Oils.

    This one costs $15.50.

    2. This one's used for karmic retribution.

    Scary. Only $5.95!

    3. This one, on the other hand, removes jinxes.


    4. "Dragon's Blood Oil" provides additional power in rituals.


    5. Herbs are also essential.

    1/2 oz of this "planetary magick blend" for $7


    Two bundles of this root of this costs $3.99.

    7. Don't forget a vintage mortar and pestle!


    8. Incense helps set the ambiance.

    It also gives off "magical vibrations." This one costs $4.50.

    9. It can also make wishes come true?


    10. Candles are essential as well.

    $15.95 for these "Dark Fairy dusted" candles.

    11. So many options.



    3 "Night Magick" votives for $9.95



    14. And the rocks. Rocks are important.

    These healing stones are $3.95 each.

    15. Maybe you should buy a box to keep it all in.


    16. Convenient kits are also available!




    18. This is the "Yule Goddess" ritual kit.


    19. This is a "Home Protection" spell kit.


    20. This one helps to conjure faeries.


    21. How do you even keep track of all these spells? Luckily, many journals are for sale.




    23. You can even buy a comprehensive witchcraft starter set!


    24. Consider the addition of a curiosity cabinet.


    25. How about a deck of tarot cards?


    26. We must remember the swag.

    $24.00 for this protection spell necklace.

    27. Especially this magical vintage harness.


    28. A proper cloak is also a must.


    29. Carry all of your things in a "Dark Moon" pouch!


    30. Shroud yourself in a hooded infinity scarf.


    31. Acquire some bewitched rings.

    This one's $15.00. It was cleansed, charged by the full moon, and cast with a positive spell.

    32. Finally, top it all off with a "Moonstone Circlet."

    €25.00, or approximately $32.71.


    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

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