31 Whimsical GIFs Of The Great American West

These animated GIFs were made from vintage turn-of-the-century stereo photographs.

1. “Bobtail” mine, Black Hawk Canyon, Colorado, c. 1898

2. Kanarra Canyon, Utah, c. 1865-1897

3. Fort Stambaugh, Wyoming, 1870

4. New Mexico, c. 1870-1900

5. Shoshone Falls, Snake River, Idaho, 1874

6. Monument Rock, Utah, c. 1865-1885

7. Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, c. 1864-1905

8. Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, 1893-1904

9. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1902-1903

10. Spindle Top, Texas, c. 1915

11. A wild cat hunt in Colorado, c. 1903

12. Alta City, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, 1865-1897

13. Navajo reservation, Arizona, 1908

14. The Great American Cactus, Arizona, c. 1885

15. The Indian Puebla of La Guna, New Mexico, c. 1870-1908

16. Pike’s Peak Railroad, Colorado, c. 1894

17. Avalon Bay, California, c. 1870-1906

18. LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, c. 1865-1910

19. Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, c. 1867-1900

20. Yosemite Valley, California, c. 1897-1905

21. Phoebe’s Arch, Colorado, c. 1898

22. San Francisco, California, 1906

23. Weber River, Utah, c. 1865-1885

24. “Black Warrior Geyser,” Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, c. 1901-1904

25. Salt Air beach and pavilion, Utah, c. 1897

26. West Las Vegas, Nevada, c. 1870-1900

27. Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park, c. 1901-1904

28. Yosemite Valley, California, c. 1868-1873

29. Palodoro Ranch, Texas, c. 1865-1915

30. Mariposa Grove, California, 1902

31. Placer mining in Idaho, c. 1865-1900

Browse New York Public Library’s digital gallery and build your own stereoscopic GIFs using the Stereogranimator!

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