27 Ways To Wear Cats

Critics agree, this is the most important style guide there is.

1. Bored of your collar? KITTY COLLAR TIPS

$24 by Motel

2. Going to a 90s rave? CAT HOLOGRAM GLASSES

$16 on Etsy

3. Legs need some pizzazz? CAT LEGGINGS

£25.00 ($40) at Drop Dead

4. No idea where you put your bills? CAT WALLET

$14.95 at The Walart

5. Excited by Asian cats in particular? NEKO SHIRT

Available at Urban Outfitters

6. Chilly? CAT SWEATER

$33 at Chicnova

7. In search of the most perfect t-shirt in the world? IT’S THIS ONE.

$18.95 at animalshirts.net

8. Desperate for bloggable shoes? CAT LITAS

$160 at Urban Outfitters

9. Giant heels not your thing? CAT FLATS

£465 ($737) by Charlotte Olympia

10. In touch with Haile Selassie I? RASTAFURRIAN CAT SHIRT

$19 at Beach Dog

11. Groovin’ like this model? COSMIC CAT FACE T-SHIRT

$31.66 at ASOS

12. Neck exposed to winter cold? CAT SCARF

$29.99 from Modcloth

13. Formal event? CAT TIE

$30 on Etsy

14. Considering a career in rapping? CAT DO-RAG

$15 at Rad Wraps

15. Literal cold feet? CAT ANKLE SOCKS

$5 at Nasty Gal

16. Need a shirt to match your laser-shooting eyes? LASER CAT TEE

Available on Threadless

17. Night out? CAT DRESS.

No longer available at Modcloth, but begging them to bring it back is always an option.

18. Seeking exciting knees? CAT-ON-KNEE LEGGINGS

$29.99 at Romwe

19. Prefer to show more leg skin? CAT BOXER SHORTS

$16.99 at Broadbay Cotton

20. Nowhere to put all your crap? CAT TAPESTRY BACKPACK

$32 at Curiosity Corner

21. Into expressive brushstrokes? GESTURAL CAT BLOUSE

$58 at American Apparel

22. Have a poor sense of time? CAT WATCH

$35.18 at ASOS

23. Crazy party this weekend? TRIPPY CAT SWEATSHIRT

€45.00 ($60) at Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

24. Devoted to cats for life? CAT TATS

25. Pining for feline warmth? CAT JACKET

£60.00 ($95) at Rokit

26. Nostalgic for slumber parties? CAT ONESIE

On sale for $29 at Dorothy Perkins

27. Seeking true love, joy, comfort, and fun? NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT AN ACTUAL CAT. <3

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