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    Updated on Oct 3, 2019. Posted on Jan 2, 2013

    23 Horrifying Foods From The Dollar Store

    Basically, capitalism is horrifying.

    1. "Beer Bread" - just add beer and butter!

    Larry The Cable Guy is ALWAYS a trustworthy food endorsement.

    2. Entire breakfasts

    What better way to start your day than with $1 scrambled eggs with hash browns and pork sausage links? Major DEAL.

    3. Chunk Ham

    4. Fish and cheese sandwich

    Would definitely try the controversial fish 'n' cheese pairing in frozen sandwich form.

    5. Cocktail Smoked Oysters

    Solid seafood is hard to come by in suburban Utah, where this dollar store is located. Would try this in times of seafood need.

    6. Lobster spread with cognac

    Recession special fine dining. Would try this in times of major self-loathing.

    7. ...and shrimp spread, from the same illustrious folks

    8. Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices

    Wyler: definitely an authentic Italian name. Would try because Otter Pops are awesome.

    9. Nacho cheese

    Big tub of bright orange, questionable cheese - I'm actually pretty sure I'd enjoy this.

    10. Potted Meat

    I actually did try this one. Didn't get through the entire can without feeling violently ill, but willing to give it another shot.

    11. Chicken-flavored snack crackers

    Try with nacho cheese or lobster cognac spread.

    12. All natural french fried onions

    I don't know what this means. This product confuses me.

    13. Dumplings & Chicken

    Still confused here.

    14. Sugar free parfaits

    15. Luncheon Loaf

    For a 'fitting lifestyle,' of course. Would try because BACON GRILL.

    16. Beef flavored rice/vermicelli mix

    Vermicelli does not appear to be pictured. Would try this to figure out where the vermicelli is.

    17. Frozen packs of chicken drumsticks

    18. Frozen pork filets, right next door

    19. Vienna Sausage, from the people who brought you "Potted Meat"

    20. Brown gravy mix, by "Chef Swagger's Kitchen"

    This looks very promising - who could resist the charms of Chef Swagger?

    21. Canned German potato salad

    22. Single-serving snack sausage

    Not sure if human food or dog food.

    23. Pre-packaged cheeseburgers

    Seems like a better bet than cheeseburger in a can, which also exists. Would try.

    And conveniently right next to the food aisles, you can pick up industrial cleaners for your engine!


    All photos taken in an Orem, UT Dollar Tree.

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