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The 22 Times Kristen Stewart Smiled In 2012

Believe or not, KStew's mouth actually CAN curve upward! Here's the complete guide to her latest grins.

1. The "I'm Balenciaga's newest spokesperson" smile

2. The subsequent "I'm the new face of Florabotanica!" smile

3. The "Charlize Theron would jump off a building for me" smile

4. The charming "On the Road" smile

5. The "empowered woman who shows her tatas in 'On the Road'" smile

6. The "dear god, 'On the Road' has had the longest promo tour ever" smile

7. The "pointing at an imaginary Oscar for 'On the Road'" smile

8. The toothy Comic-Con smile

9. The baby-faced Kids' Choice Awards smile!

10. The "omg won the Best Kiss Award" unsurprised smile

11. The "iconic couple" smile

12. The "about to have an affair with this dude" smile

13. The "Robert Pattinson took me back!" smile

14. The "Forbes' Highest Paid Actress" smile

15. The "James Franco called me a 'warrior queen'" smile

16. The "James Franco wants to date me" smile

17. The "posing with the greatest fan ever" smile

18. The "genuine KStew"

19. The "oh god, another Twilight premiere" subtle grimace smile

20. The unanimous "Twilight is FINALLY OVER" smile

21. Seriously! Twilight is over FOREVER!

22. Thank god.