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    22 Truly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Postcards

    Apparently sending Halloween cards used to be a thing. If only our family and friends mailed these gems to us.

    1. A woman discovering a single-file line of cats carrying out a ritual in her home:

    2. A Scottish farmer leaping over a pig:

    3. A couple passionately embracing inside of a flaming jack-o-lantern while two wizardly gourds jog by:

    4. A fortune-telling beet:

    5. Five anthropomorphized vegetables gathered around a jack-o-lantern:

    6. A baton-wielding cop chasing two innocent children:

    7. A group of carved pumpkins playing a card game:

    8. A gang of pumpkin-people breaking out of a festive cake:

    9. The devil and a pumpkin-person playing tug o' war with a giant straw-filled candy:

    10. Pumpkinheads stealing some picket fence:

    11. This:

    12. This:

    13. This:

    14. Smitten pumpkinheads:

    15. A pumpkin-person chauffering a witch in a giant gourd:

    16. A witch chauffering gourds (and corn) in a train:

    17. A sad ghost cooking:

    18. Multicultural apple-bobbing:

    19. Two newlyweds bobbing for an apple and a flaming candle:

    20. A pumpkin-person canoodling with a human female:

    21. A small child popping out of a keyhole:

    22. Pumpkinheads seeking salvation: