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    19 Cheap & Innovative Ways To Green Your Home

    Save the earth while saving on your bills.

    1. Install low-flow aerators on your faucets and showerhead

    2. Use hand-cranked kitchen appliances

    3. Shred bar soap to conserve water

    4. Plant a garden

    5. Start your seeds in a newspaper planting pot

    6. Water your garden with greywater

    7. Make a re-usable market bag from an old t-shirt

    8. Collect and use rainwater

    9. Connect your rain barrel to a DIY sprinkler

    10. Replace dryer sheets with re-usable wool balls

    11. Make solar chargers out of playing cards

    12. Displace water in your toilet tank with a filled plastic bottle

    13. Make re-usable waterproof sandwich bags with beeswax cloth

    14. Turn a plastic tub into a compost bin

    15. Slide draft stoppers underneath doors to lock in heat

    16. Clean with lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar

    17. Make a solar oven out of cardboard and tin foil

    18. Seal electrical boxes with foam gaskets

    19. Threats, punishment, and masochism