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    19 Cheap & Innovative Ways To Green Your Home

    Save the earth while saving on your bills.

    1. Install low-flow aerators on your faucets and showerhead

    They only cost a few bucks and save up to 77% more water and energy than your standard faucet. Huge long-term pay-off!

    2. Use hand-cranked kitchen appliances

    Give your arms a workout while simultaneously conserving electricity and making delicious noms. Win-win.

    3. Shred bar soap to conserve water

    4. Plant a garden

    Bonus points for doing it in re-purposed vessels.

    5. Start your seeds in a newspaper planting pot

    6. Water your garden with greywater

    Collect and re-use greywater, or run-off water from your showers, sinks, and laundry. Learn more!

    7. Make a re-usable market bag from an old t-shirt

    8. Collect and use rainwater

    Less for the storm drain, more for you.

    9. Connect your rain barrel to a DIY sprinkler

    10. Replace dryer sheets with re-usable wool balls

    They reduce static, shorten dry time, and act as chemical-free fabric softener. Tutorial here.

    11. Make solar chargers out of playing cards

    12. Displace water in your toilet tank with a filled plastic bottle

    Placing a 2-liter bottle of water in a toilet tank will save around 10 gallons a day in a typical home. It'll continue to function perfectly while using less water per flush!

    13. Make re-usable waterproof sandwich bags with beeswax cloth

    14. Turn a plastic tub into a compost bin

    Optional: add in some carbon filters to eliminate the smell.

    15. Slide draft stoppers underneath doors to lock in heat

    DIY or purchase from Amazon.

    16. Clean with lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar

    More detailed recipes here.

    17. Make a solar oven out of cardboard and tin foil

    Temperatures inside can reach up to 400 degrees if made well. Here are a bunch of awesome solar cookers.

    18. Seal electrical boxes with foam gaskets

    Insulate your room by inserting foam gaskets (less than $1 each at your local hardware store) underneath your outlet covers.

    19. Threats, punishment, and masochism

    If your family member takes a shower lasting longer than 8 minutes, discipline them. Wear a shock collar every time you run the dishwasher. Buy appliances that emit high level radiation when used. Foolproof!