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    The 17 Most Memorable One-Liners From "Heathers"

    Take a seat, knock back some slushies, and re-live these gems. Ranked from least to most important.

    17. Ram, anticipating his first threesome:

    16. J.D. to Veronica:

    15. Veronica on Heather, whatever this means:

    14. Heather Duke giving in to her "urge to purge":

    13. Heather Chandler to Heather Duke:

    12. Heather Chandler, continuing to reign as queen of mean:

    11. Ms. Fleming, the faux profound teacher:

    10. Veronica and the requisite journal entry:


    8. J.D. to Veronica:

    7. Veronica passing on true teen wisdom:

    6. Veronica continuing to be one chill chick:

    5. Veronica to Heather Chandler, on her vomit:

    4. On Heather Chandler:

    3. Kurt's anguished and confused dad:

    2. Iconic Veronica:

    1. And the verbal tour de force of the movie: