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    17 Creative Ways To Bring Booze Into Your Daily Life

    Some days, all you can bear to do is drink. Warning: Not recommended as an actual daily routine.

    Ugh, waking up. You can already tell it's going to be one of those hopeless days.

    You know, where you need to start drinking immediately.

    1. Stumble into the shower, swig some Shampbooze.

    2. Time to get dressed. Is this belt buckle too conspicuous?

    Available on Amazon.

    3. What about this WineRack Bra?

    4. Either way, better cover up with an Enjoi Beer Hunter Jacket!

    Insulated cooler pockets, bottle opener zipper, and other covert nooks for your stash. Available at Skate Warehouse.

    5. Will anyone notice if you've grown an impressive beard overnight?

    6. You ponder this over a hearty breakfast.

    Banana Flask available at Urban Outfitters.

    7. Don't forget your briefcase before you leave--it contains all of your important work materials.

    8. Oh, it's raining outside? Sweet, you're totally prepared!

    Luxury flask umbrella by Swaine Adeney Brigg.

    9. Now, bike to work with a Handlebar Minibar!

    Liquor stored in a bike's handlebars. Fund the project on Kickstarter.

    10. Settle down in your office and flip open some important tomes.

    Booze Books by Bender Bound.

    11. All of this work is getting exhausting. How about a break to go bird watching?

    Binocular flasks available at HomeWetBar. Folk rock concert tickets not included.

    12. Back to work. The Flask Tie ought to get you through a few more hours!

    Available here.

    13. Gotta take an important business call. Good thing your cell phone will steady your nerves.

    14. Work's over! A night out with friends awaits. You jingle your flask bracelets with excitement.

    Flask Bangles by Cynthia Rowley.

    15. Retouch your lipstick/liver.

    Lip Flask available at Neatoshop.

    16. Grab your camera to capture the night's most memorable moments!

    Camera Flask available at Binocktails.

    17. A walking cane will steady you on the way home.

    Available at HomeWetBar.

    ...where you basically die.

    Here's to tomorrow!

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