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    17 Artistic Takes On Classic Board Games

    Snazzy. Oh, designers and their games.

    1. Typographic Scrabble

    2. Platonic Chess

    3. Handmade Game of Thrones Risk

    4. Monopoly for designers: "The Pitch"

    5. Candy Scrabble

    6. Designer Leather Checkers

    7. Lego Settlers of Catan

    8. "Portfolio," the design professional take on Life

    9. Wooden Chinese Checkers

    10. Chocolate Scrabble

    11. Juicy Couture's Connect Four

    12. Twee Settlers of Catan

    13. Minimal Waste Scattergories

    14. Digital Stereo Backgammon

    15. Minimalist Monopoly

    16. Ice Watch, based on Battleship

    17. Sensual Chess