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    13 Remarkable Artworks That Were Found By Accident

    Excavating your home or local thrift store could lead to millions!

    1. Found during a board game: Martin Johnson Heade

    2. Found in a Wisconsin living room: Van Gogh

    3. Found in rubble by a peasant: the Venus de Milo

    4. Found at UC Berkeley, then promptly undersold: Sargent Johnson

    5. Found in a garage sale: Andy Warhol

    6. Found in a basement: Picasso

    7. Found in a thrift store: another Picasso

    8. Found in a thrift store: Jackson Pollock?

    9. Found in a thrift store: Ilya Bolotowsky

    10. Found in a couch: Venetian painting

    11. Found in walls: Mayan murals

    12. Found in walls: a Dada mural

    13. Found by accident on the internet: Thomas Kinkade's "Disney Dreams Collection"