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    14 Things Vegan Ladies Know To Be True

    We're here. We're vegan. And we're cool girls too.

    1. Most of your designer-looking shoes are from Forever 21.

    2. You would consider dating a non-vegan…in hopes of conversion.

    3. Your celebrity crushes are almost exclusively fellow vegans.

    4. The cutest sweater you get at Christmas ALWAYS has wool in it. WHY?!

    5. You value your Vegan girlfriends the most.

    6. You've converted all of your mom's recipes to vegan versions.

    7. You swipe left with Olympic speed when a hunting picture is involved on Tinder.

    8. Few things give you more joy than the leaping bunny logo on the back of make-up you want to buy.

    9. Wine and Oreos are basically all you need for a very good time.

    10. You got EXTREMELY excited when Beyonce went vegan briefly and have every faith she will be vegan once more.

    11. You get more excited when your friends tell you they're adopting a shelter pet than when they tell you they're having a baby.

    12. Men think saying "Mmmm bacon" to you is appropriate flirting.

    13. And even though you may be having all the existential crises of a 20s or 30s something female in a male driven society...

    14. …you know you have some purpose because you save hundreds of animals each year and are FABULOUS!!