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    15 Wonderful Welsh Phrases That Every Brit Needs

    It's horrible to believe the fact that the beautiful Welsh language may be dying out. So, it's our job to keep this unique dialect alive and spread some brilliant Welsh phrases with our fellow Brits.

    1. Bendigedig

    2. Cwtch

    3. Popty ping

    4. Pwmpenni

    5. Moron

    6. Crempog

    7. Sboncen

    8. Cyntaf

    9. Cont y môr

    10. Dwmbo

    11. Tacsi

    12. Sbwriel

    13. Twpsyn

    14. Ach a fi!

    15. Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod

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    Monty Python clips / Via

    "Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod" translates to "My hovercraft is full of eels". Watch the video. Nuff said.