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    15 Wonderful Welsh Phrases That Every Brit Needs

    It's horrible to believe the fact that the beautiful Welsh language may be dying out. So, it's our job to keep this unique dialect alive and spread some brilliant Welsh phrases with our fellow Brits.

    1. Bendigedig

    You pronounce it as "Ben-di-ge-dig, bendegedig!" which means fantastic. Bendegedig! Such a fun word to say. Ben. Di. Ge. Dig. Fan. Tas. Tic.

    How to use it in a sentence: Rwy'n credu eich bod yn bendigedig - I think you're fantastic.

    2. Cwtch

    "Cwtch" is single-handedly the best Welsh word hands down, because even the sound of cwtching just blows cuddling out the water. I mean who would want a pathetic limp hug when you can cwtch alllllllll night long?

    How to use it in a sentence: Ydych chi awydd cael cwtsh? - Fancy a cwtch?

    3. Popty ping

    Okay so "popty ping" may not be the actual word for word term for microwave (the real welsh word is meicrodon). "Popty ping" literally means "oven ping", which makes it all that much better. The immense joy that can be found in these two little words when cooking with a Welsh person.

    How to use it in a sentence: rydw i'n caru fy popty ping.

    4. Pwmpenni

    Just in time for Halloween "Pwmpenni" means multiple pumpkins and "pwmpen" is a singular pumpkin. It's pronounced "Poom-pen-ai" so cute.

    How to use it in a sentence: Cerfio pwmpenni yw fy hoff hobi - Carving pumpkins is my favourite hobby.

    5. Moron

    No, I'm not insulting you I'm simply calling you a carrot in Welsh. "Moron" means carrot, but can double up on many an occasion as an insult.

    How to use it in a sentence: Moron yw fy hoff fwyd - Carrots are my favourite food.

    6. Crempog

    Life’s too short for those loser wafer-thin pancakes. A Welsh "crempog" is a fluffy thick pancake also known as "ffroes" and also known as little golden discs of heaven.

    There's even a suggestion that the English crumpet may have developed from the Welsh word, crempog. In your face crumpet.

    How to use it in a sentence: Os gwelwch chi'n dda ga i grempog? - Please can I have a pancake?

    7. Sboncen

    "Sboncen" means squash as in to play squash, as in the ball game and not the vegetable squash. Sboncen. Sbon. Cen. Nothing rude here at all. Move along. *Tee hee*

    How to use it in a sentence: Rydw i'n hoffi chwarae sboncen - I like to play squash.

    8. Cyntaf

    Now I know what you're all thinking and it's definitely not that. "Cyntaf" means first and only first. It means nothing rude at all. Nope. Not rude. Not. At. All.

    How to use it in a sentence: I ennill y wobr gyntaf - I won first place.

    9. Cont y môr

    "Cont y môr" or "cont fôr" means jellyfish (up in north Wales, it's "sglefrod môr" in the southern parts.) Again, nothing rude here, stop sniggering. Move along.

    Fun fact: If you were growing up in Wales and you may have heard that slang for jellyfish is "pysgod wibbly wobbly", which literally translates to "wibbly wobbly fish". Maybe it was just me that knew this, but in my opinion wibbly wobbly fish is a MUCH better word for jellyfish.

    How to use it in a sentence:Ges i fy mhigo gan sglefren fôr - I got stung by a jellyfish.

    10. Dwmbo

    "Dwmbo" means "dunno" in welsh and is pronounced "Doom-bo". Now it may sound like a jazzy dance move or short for "She who must be obeyed" but hey "Dwmbo!"

    How to use it in a sentence: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dwmbo LOL - Dunno LOL

    11. Tacsi

    "Tacsi" quite literally meaning taxi. It's pronounced "Tack-see". Be careful with this one it's an extremely tricky Welsh phrase that even has the most fluent speakers confused.

    How to use it in a sentence: Where's the taxi? - Ble mae'r tacsi?

    12. Sbwriel

    Pronounced as "Spoo-ree-ull" meaning rubbish or trash. It's a great sounding word to show that your hatred towards something.

    How to use it in a sentence: Peidiwch â thaflu sbwriel fan yma - Don't throw the rubbish here.

    13. Twpsyn

    "Twpsyn" means stupid or idiot and is pronounced "toop-sin". No this word is not drunk. Yes there are not vowels. Twpsyn is another fun sounding word despite all the missing vowels

    How to use it in a sentence: Rwy'n teimlo fel - I feel like an idiot.

    14. Ach a fi!

    "Ach a fi!" Disguting!

    You'll probably generate a lot of saliva when using this one. It's pronounced how it's written, Ach-a-fi! So go forth and express your general disgust at people.

    How to use it in a sentence: Ach a bloody fi! - Dis-bloody-gusting!

    15. Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod

    View this video on YouTube

    Monty Python clips / Via

    "Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod" translates to "My hovercraft is full of eels". Watch the video. Nuff said.