18 Tips For Work From The Disney Villains

For when you feel like a poor unfortunate soul 9 to 5.

1. Know how to get your boss to do what you want.

A snake staff is a little obvious, though.

2. Control your hotheadedness before you lose it on the coworker you dislike.

3. Stress toys can prove to be useful in that regard.

Disney / Via giphy.com

4. Know how to appropriately talk to those in a lower position than you.

Disney / Via fanpop.com

Especially when there’s a younger, more popular kid in green tights around.

5. It’s OK to make faces on the phone, so long as no one can see you.

“Give you… time?”

6. Know how to deal with the sheer incompetence of some of your coworkers.

Disney / Via devilsfoe.com

7. Be genteel when you hear people talking about you.

8. But release your rage once you’re back in your office.

Disney / Via rotoscopers.com

9. Don’t underestimate the importance of body language.

10. You too, guys.

11. Join in on the birthday festivities even if you don’t want to.

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

“Happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you!”

12. Also, there will be people who get promoted before you do.

13. So practice your gracious loser face.

Disney / Via fanpop.com

14. Know how to settle interoffice disputes.

15. Evaluate your employees’ work fairly.

Disney / Via us.fotolog.com

Use decapitation as a last resort.

16. Know how to motivate your employees into working longer hours.

17. Focus on making that money money.

Disney / Via lipstickalley.com

18. And lastly, know when to take a sick day.

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