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2016 Bubbler Awards: Best Workplaces For Young Professionals In Wisconsin

Every year, NEWaukee hosts the Bubbler Awards: Best Workplaces for Young Professionals in Wisconsin as a kickoff to YPWeek. The Bubbler Awards shine a light on the companies who make great strides to accommodate the interests and needs of a shifting new workforce. It's easy to paint a picture of Millennials as discontent or disinterested in traditional forms of employment. NEWaukee is eager to showcase the reality of how many Wisconsin-based companies allow young professionals to call this state home.

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10. Red Arrow Labs, a Dohmen company

The casual and collaborative work environment draws top talent to the Milwaukee-based software company focused on transforming the health industry. According to YPs at Red Arrow Labs, discovering creative solutions to complex problems requires team-building, transparency and checking egos at the door.

9. Spredfast

There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you work at Spredfast the Madison-based social marketing firm. All employees enjoy a Whole Foods catered lunch throughout the week with unlimited snacking opportunities at the cereal and coffee bars.

8. Society Insurance

Flexibility is central to the workforce at Society Insurance, the Fond du Lac-based business insurance company. Work/life integration is easy to achieve through the flex scheduling policy that allows employees to work from home 2-4 days per week.

7. GE Healthcare

Pewaukee-based GE Healthcare may be massive in size, but finding ways to remain nimble and innovative are at the core of the GE FastWorks business practice. Every employee is empowered to create and to test hypotheses that improve customer needs with faster and smarter outcomes. This enables creativity, reduces “red tape” and approval processes that are barriers to creative brainstorming.

6. West Corporation

Fun, energetic, bright and vibrant is how YP employees of the West Corporation describe the technology enabled communication company based in Appleton, Wi. Their workplace includes pod formations for increased collaboration, cell phone lounge and tranquility room for de-stressing throughout the day.

5. Wisnet

The Wisnet culture in Fond du Lac focuses on its people: emotional wellbeing, physical health, professional growth, work/life balance, families, and overall happiness. All these items come first to foster a passion and energy for the marketing and technology work done for their clients.

4. Mortenson Construction

Brookfield-based Mortenson believes that work-life balance is different for everyone. In order to accommodate they insist on appropriate staffing to reduce workload, simplification as it relates to innovation and its implementation, and effective technology which affords employees time and energy savings on job sites.

3. Greenheck

A state of earning, growing and evolving remains constant at Greenheck, the Wausau-based fan manufacturer. The Leadership & Innovation Academy provides continuing education opportunities and the "Pit Stop” allows employees from both the shop and office to evaluate, reformulate and implement new ideas and processes that affect the whole company.

2. LinkEHR

Madison-based technology company, LinkEHR offers regular and 'mentor' based promotions. A mentor promotion provides leadership experience to staff on a developmental basis while management provides guidance, support and feedback, and staff acquire necessary skills. Staff have regularly scheduled feedback sessions with a mentor in leadership who can help them navigate through the leadership landscape while they have the ability to test their skills in a supportive and safe environment.

1. Penrod

Penrod, a Milwaukee-based global cloud consulting agency, has put people first with an extensive and intensive employee engagement program. Employees receive unlimited PTO, a casual, flexible and dog-friendly work environment, opportunities for internal team building experiences (Lego building & crockpot club) and community-based experiences (dodgeball tournaments & rooftop concert series).

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