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5 Things I Learned From "Star Trek The Next Generation" As A Kid

Five great truths I learned from years of watching STNG.

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5. 1. If you are going to wear a jump suit, make sure it's the purple one with a V-neck / Via

Dianna Troi always looked way prettier than anyone else, even on the first episode in her mini dress. No wonder Riker, Warf and half the rest of the crew fell for her.

3. You can win wars by talking too much

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Yes, Captain Picard was a great negotiator and ambassador. But sometimes I think the opposing force gave in just to get him to STOP TALKING.

2. When in trouble, ask a bartender.

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Seriously, what did Guinan not know? How many times did she save the ship? And her choice of headgear? Flawless every time.

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